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Jax's Fun Facts

Did you know these fun facts and trivia about the book?

Like Jax, Sharon once got busted for being out after her town's curfew. The trouble started after her friends convinced her to sneak into the neighborhood pool at night. Like Andie, Sharon was a bit of a chicken. Unlike Andie, she never even got the nerve to climb the fence. She just stood there on the other side of the fence holding everybody's towels. Can you say, "lame?"

Sharon's nieces, Marisa and Olivia, and her nephew, Michael, were some of the book's earliest fans. You may have noticed these shout-outs to them throughout the book:

~All three of their first names were mentioned one time throughout the book.

~Drake's freckle is in the shape of Texas, their home state at the time.

~Jax's last name, although also symbolic of a shepherd guarding his sheep, is a nod to Sheppard Air Force Base, where they

once lived.

The word Kaptropoten is a mash-up of derivatives of the Greek word for mirror and the Latin word for powerful. That makes the Kaptropoten a "powerful mirror."

Kat's character is named Kat because the first animal we see her morph into is a cat.

The IOM Headquarters is inspired by PPG Place located in Pittsburgh, PA. It has been described by architectural critics and the media as the crown jewel of Pittsburgh’s skyline.

You can learn more about PPG Place here.

Salome is loosely based on the biblical Salome who is said to have danced for King Herod in exchange for the head of John the Baptist.

Stay tuned...New Jax Facts are coming soon!