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Mirror Mirror In My Hand

by Jacob Lombardi

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It was a normal Wednesday night, And I had a strep throat. I knew I wasn’t going to school tomorrow, because the doctor said it was contagious. I took a shower and went to bed. I would have never known that my best friend Brayson, would be at my window, banging on my window to wake me up. “I’m in trouble and I need your help. I’ll explain everything later. Please take care of this for me until I come back for it after school,” said Brayson. He shoved a small velvet bag into my hand, looked around, and took off running as fast as he could. I opened the bag, and there was a mirror inside. There is also a note that says,” This mirror has the ability to move objects with your mind,” as I was reading, I was thinking that this mirror is from generations that still have to come. I thought, did Brayson build a teleportation device or did somebody come from the future.  

I was becoming very mistorious. My mom had to take me to the doctors for a check-up. I took the mirror with me, because Brayson asked me to take care of it.  

I heard a very soft voice saying something but I couldn’t hear it clearly. It got louder and louder when I could hear the noise clearly. “Jamie get up, your gonna miss your bus”. As I sighed in relife. That it was all just a dream, my mom said “Hold the bus Brayson, Jamie is getting dressed.”

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