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About the book

Having earned his share of unwanted attention in the past, Jax Sheppard has learned some hard lessons:

1. Playing dodgeball with “Normals” is a surefire way to land you in detention.

2. Don’t drop a clown on your best friend if you want to keep him as your best friend.

     Now Jax prefers to blend in and go unnoticed—not an easy task for a scrawny thirteen-year-old with a chewed gum collection and the ability to leap a tall teacher in a single bound.

     When Jax joins his friends for a simple night of mischief at the local pool, it ends with the discovery of a broken fragment from an ancient, magical mirror and the tragic death of his brother. He resolves to find all seven fragments of the Kaptropoten, an amazing mirror with an incredible history, to harness its powers to bring back his brother.

     Jax sets off on a journey around the globe that takes him to the glass island of Murano, the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Along the way, he escapes from a team of uptight secret agents, takes on a gaggle of Gorgs, and tussles with a French grandpa wielding a mean frying pan. Oh, and while he’s at it, Jax must stop a soul-sucking sorcerer who’s been pining for his long lost, evil girlfriend, and who also wants to get his hands on those darned mirrors. There’s only one problem: Jax is about as courageous as a pinky toe—which everyone knows is the least brave toe on the foot.

      In The Seven Mirrors, Jax will be pushed to confront his own anxieties and self-doubt in order to bring back his brother. But before he does he will need to uncover an unimaginable betrayal, discover the amazing truth about his superhuman strength, and decide if he can live with the fatal consequences of using the mirror to resurrect his brother.

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