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Jax Sheppard

Seven Mirrors. Seven Powers.


Kaptro Scryor

by Liv Nixon
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It was 9:00 AM as I started packing a book bag for an adventure that could change my life forever.  I filled my backpack with a mirror book, my iPhone 5, a notebook, a pencil, and my lucky Indian coin.  I stepped on the ostium cloth and appeared to be at HQ.  I took out the mirror and said,

“Show me in 2 hours.”  A glowing light came from the mirror and showed me battling some ugly old guy.  I ignored it, and followed a path from the beach to a huge castle.  I met some new friends and had a great time until 12:00 P.M came.  Everyone started screaming, I grabbed a sword from a shop nearby and went closer.

“Holy cow!” I exclaimed.  There was the ugly old guy I was talking about earlier!  I saw other people fighting, so I joined in.  We fought and fought until this guy got sucked into a mirror.  We all high fived for a while.  Finally, I pipped up the courage to talk to some teenagers, they where nice.  (Weird names though, like Jax and Cletus)  At 4:15 P.M I gave the mirror back and  everything was normal again.