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The Kaptro Metamorphus

by Abbie Marin

Click on the thumbnail above to see the original paper.

“What is this?” I say as I pull out the piece of paper that read, “The Kaptro Metmorphus lets the owner morph into the shape and form of any other living creature, cool.”

It’s after school but Julie still hasn’t come back for her Kaptro thingymabob. I want to use it so bad but I’m not sure if I can. So I think I should try it on my cat, Molly, or maybe Ely. Molly is a big grey cat, but Ely is a skinny cat with orange and white fur. So I’m gonna morph into Ely.

It was later that after noon, the fragment glowed so bright that it burned my eye’s. I think I’m on my bed but I’m not sure, so I jumped and found my body lying there cold. “Is this a dream?” I say then I realized it wasn’t. I found the piece of the mirror and picked it up and it started to glow brighter and brighter. Poof! I lifted up my hands and pulled out the fragment from my mouth.

Julie came back and took the fragment but it’s for the best.

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