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The Kaptro Metamorphus

by Michael Robinson

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On a summer night, while I am fast asleep my best friend, Andie, is banging on my window trying to tell me something.

Andie rasped,“I’m in trouble and I need your help. I’ll explain everything later. Please take care of this for me until I come back and retrieve it after school.”

"I need your help! I have gotten in so much trouble. I need you to take care of this, you know, kind of, what it’s about. I have told you about it right?" Tony rambled trembaling soving it in my hand , looking around for his parents making sure they weren’t watching. Then ran off in to the mid-morning light.

While Andie leaves he shoves a velvet bag in my hand. When he is gone I am astonished. Why did he give me this. What is this. So I open this. It was a small glowing mirror fragment, and it had a note on it that read,

“ You got the Kaptro Metamorphus. This is one of the fragment of the seven pieces of the mirror. This piece has the power to form into the shape, or form of any other living creature.”

The next morning, while I am getting dress I can’t wait for after school. While I was walking the hallway in school the school bully decides he wants to pick on me today. The school bully’s name was Spike, I know tough name, he thinks he owns the school. Last week he made this one girl cry because he was picking on her because of the clothes she wears. The little girl’s name was Missy. It was sad because Missy moved in a week after the bullying. Spike starts walking up to me. Whenever Spike comes to talk to someone it’s bad, so I guess the whole school has to gather around when it happens. So the whole school did, they gathered around and heard what Spike had to say, and I just had to have the fragment in my hand right now.

 Spike yells in his rough voice, “Hi runt, what’s your name?”

I answered. “Michael.”

Spike yelled. "Well Michael, what do you got here? Is it your rattle.”

I answered. "No it’s a piece of a mirror and it is dangerous.”

I think to myself a lot and here is one of my statements. "Did I seriously just tell Spike I had one of the mirror? I must be the dumbest person on Earth?”

Spike laughs, and laughs, and laughs, and then he retorted. "I can’t believe you think this mirror has powers. If you think it does show me.”

I don’t know what to do. I could beat the biggest bully in the world, but I wouldn’t keep my promises to Andie, or I can keep my promises to Andie and be a wimp. I figured out what I need to do, but first I talked to Andie.

When I told Andie what was going on she was mad, no she wasn’t just mad she was furious.
Andie screamed” Why would you tell Spike, Michael, that was just dumb. You can use the Kaptro Metamorphus, but turn into a snake. You may not know this, but Spike is my brother and I know that he is afraid of snakes.”

I can’t believe what I just heard,”Spike is your brother and you have to live with that.”
Andie answered. "Yes I do, let’s get this over with.”

Me and Andie walk out in the hallway with the Kaptro Metamorphus. I walked out there and held Kaptro in my hand and Thought about being a snake. When Spike saw me turn into a snake he was amazed and frighten at the same time.

Spike yelled. "Get that away from me. What did you tell them Andie.”

Andie answered. "I told them everything.”

When I change back Spike ran away. Andie forced me to give her the Kaptro and she headed to math class, but everywhere I go everyone fears me. I guess that was the price of using the Kaptro Metamorphus. When I met with Andie again she explained everything to me about the Kaptro.

She said that she found the Kaptro, and this crazy man was chasing her and if she didn’t hnded it over she would get killed,

Andie said. "Thank you so much for holding this for me so I wouldn’t get killed.”

I uttered. "I would do anything for a friend, and I owe you for letting me beat spike.”

Andie stated, I wouldn’t let you get humiliated by Spike.”

I replied. "True, well I have to go to science. I will see you at lunch.”

Andie said. "See you at lunch.”

Andie went to math and I went to science, and that was all I got to see of the Kaptro Metamorphus.


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