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Kaptro Enchantment

by Madison Palivoda

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It was a warm summer morning. I went down the stairs to eat my breakfast.

Right when I was pouring my milk, I heard somebody banging on my window. It was Daniel. I opened my window.

“I am in trouble and I need your help. I’ll explain everything later. Please take care of this for me until I come back for it after school.”

He shoved a small, velvet bag in my hand, looked around, and took off. I knew he was nervous because we don’t have school today. Oh well.

I was about to go to the soccer arena to watch the world cup, but as I was getting on the bus the bag started to glow. I ignored it. I was probably seeing things.

I started walking, with the bag in my hand, to the popcorn stand. I asked for popcorn, but it was really expensive. I asked the man if I could have it for free. To my surprise, the man gave it to me for free. 

While I was walking away, I saw team USA’s head coach.

“I am a huge soccer fan!” I told him. “Someday I hope to be on the team.”

“Today is your lucky day!” He exclaimed. “You can be on the team.”

That was when I realized that the thing in the bag had persuasive powers. I didn’t want to change my luck, so I didn’t open the bag.

After the soccer game they gave us ice cream. I got on the bus back home.

Daniel never came back for the bag, but because of him I had the best day of my life.

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