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What if I had the Kaptro Enchantment

by Dylan Eger

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I was sleeping one night when suddenly I hear a banging on the window. It was Bob my best friend so I let him in. He gave me something in a velvet bag. He tells me to give it back the next night.  

I look in it to find a note that says that it is the Kaptro Enchantment which can be used to persuade, tempt, seduce all others. I will try to persuade my pap to give me his 1950 Mercury. He does give me it, but I pay him fifty thousand dollars for it.

My pap did not even know that I used the Kaptro Enchantment on him to persuade him to give it to me. The next night I hear the banging on the window again. I do give back the power to my best friend Bob.

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