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Kaptro Conjuration

by Zayne DiViney

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I found a small glowing mirror in a bag. It said this is the Kaptro Conjuration mirror it can make appear any object of your choosing. It also said we would like you to go on a journey to save the kingdom of Zekro spear. I will go to Zekro sear I gues. I get a travel pack with a few pairs of clothes and my iPhone with ear buds. I almost forget the mirror. I tell the mirror to give me the portal to the lost dimension that is where Zekro spear. Aaaaahhhh,” I said. The vortex was purple, I felt like I was on a roller coaster. “Where am I?” I said. It looked like I was in a very sandy dessert with high mountains. I am starving it felt like it was day but it was only 5 hours. Mirror can I please have a hot pizza. A second later I got some pizza I ate while I was to find Zero spear. This ugly giant monster came out of the ground and gave me a fersoume roar. “Lets put this mirror to use.” I whispered. “Give me a sword,” I shouted. I sliced the monster I half, “I got to go to Zekro spear before it is to late,” I said.

I met a villager on the way he said he would join to save Zekro spear. He had a cross bow. He seemed good with it. We got to Zekro spear it was burning. So I got a fire extinguisher and burned it out. I ran to the castle got my sword and killed the guards. Then I killed the ruler and got to own Zekro spear.

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