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Kaptro Conjuration

by Hannah McClung

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 I read the note, and thought a prank was being played on me. The window was still open, so I went back, and looked out the window to see if anybody was there.

“I wonder why this was given to me?” Callipto said.

“Oh well,” Callipto said.

Then my mom called me down to breakfast.

“ Did I hear something hitting your window honey? Callipto’s mother questioned. “Are you okay?”

“No, and and I’m fine mom,” Callipto said.

 I ate breakfast, then went back up to my room, and got dressed for school. When I got to school, I went to my locker, and grabbed all my things for my morning classes. At lunch period, I took out the piece of glass and studied it.

“What is that?” Callisto’s friend Tom urged.

“ Oh nothing, just a piece of broken glass I found,”Callisto llied.

“ Cool!” Tom exclaimed. “ Can I look at it?”

“ Well I really don’t want you getting hurt, so probably would be safe for you not to,” Callisto said.

“ Fine,” Tom mumbled annoyed.

The next day, the same thing happened again. There was more banging on the window.

“ Is it ok?” Callisto’s friend asked.

“ Yeah,” Callisto replied.

“ Can you keep it for one more day for me?” Callisto’s friend pleaded.

“ Umm sure, I guess,” Callisto said approvingly.

“ Thanks!” Calisto’s friend replied.

After that conversation, my friend left in a hurry. I walked down to eat breakfast. My mother had asked me again if she heard the banging on the window or if she was just going crazy.

“No mom,” Callisto replied annoyed. “ I think your just going crazy.”

Once I got to school, I went to each of my classes on schedule as usual. At lunch, these popular boys came up to me, and asked to meet me after school.

“Dude! These popular boys just asked to meet me after school!” Callitso said excitedly. “Maybe they want me to join their group!”

“I doubt it,” Tom said doubtingly.

“ Well, way for the boost of confidence Tom,” Callisto said sarcastically.

“Mhmm,” Tom replied back.

After school, I went to the back of the school and met the popular boys.

“So I heard you have a magical piece of glass,” the popular boys said with a smirk. “Hand it over.”

“It’s not yours to take, and it probably doesn’t even work,” Callipto said.

“Then let’s test that out,” they said.

I took out the piece of glass and wished for a black belt, karate master to appear. It appeared and made them disappear.

The next day I heard the banging on the window again.

“Hey, thanks for watching the piece of glass for me,” Callipto’s friend said thankfully.

“No problem!” Callipto said without a problem.

He took the piece of glass in the velvet bag and left warily. “That piece of glass is something isn’t it?” Callito thought.

“It’s amazing how that thing works,” Callipto thought out loud.

“What is amazing?” Callipto’s mom asked.

“Nothing mom” Callipto replied. “Just thinking out loud.”

“Oh, ok honey,” she said.

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